"The Power of The Mind" by: Lynda E.Crichton

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Born into this world through a God proclaimed destiny

From our mothers' womb we sprung innocently

Not knowing the inevitability Struggles and heartache of our very existence

Hope lost; mounting misery, confused and lost our very THUS weakened resistance

Our only option is to give up

Our soul crying out enough is enough

But the same mind so plagued with great pain can be so Transformed we can smile again!

Accepting life as it is, with all its ups and downs is the only way we can Overcome

Life's treacherous pathway

Be Happy, positive, laugh and dance and be determined You have to fight in order to conquer

Life is not always fair, we may be abused, neglected and rejected

Even betrayed by our closest and dearest

Anger, Sadness, and confusion pierce our very soul, our mind restless as we wonder how such a world can be so cold!

But ah! ah! We must be firm and bold, not Because We have no pain or sadness but because we know there is hope.

Revenge on the Oppressors cannot ease our distress

But through persistence and the will to live

That will bring us great success

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