Pick up your hair in the following manner

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This time you will present three ways to style your hair if you have smooth and long hair. They are very simple hairstyles, but you can use them for different occasions and, best of all, is that you can let you them at home with a little dedication and patience.

You have stock hair systems or long is a personal decision that has to do with our type of face. Having a long hair is very rewarding, because we can play with it as you want: ask hairstyles, help us, waving us, brushing us, making us long braids... There are many things that we can do if you have long hair.

Then what will do is duck down and, with a small towel, pick up your hair in the following manner: placed the towel on your hands as if you cogieras a dish and shrink your hair in a towel, then lift up the head and left the towel there for 30 minutes (put some clips or hooks to towel so it will not slip).

Fine welded mono with poly coating on sides and back, replacable front male hair replacement

This is a very easy hair direction, but that gives you a very modern and feminine look. For your day to day you can opt for this style, which is very fresh and youthful. In addition, hair clip will make that you have ordered or not you come to face all the time.Get waves in hair is something that is very much in vogue today.

If you're with dry hair, get some Hair Replacement Men: collects small sections of hair and wrap it in monkeys over the head. This can be one or two hours before leaving home to maximize results.

A very practical way to make waves in the wet hair is that, with a little mousse of your choice, you go by gently squeezing the ends and dropping them. This will make it ducking his head. Repeat this procedure on all of your wet hair for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the default of your hair.

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