Jamaican Creole- as First Languge- Unrealistic! by: Lynda E. Crichton

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Fecha: 17/09/2012 22:49:13
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Dear Editor,

Jamaican Creole (Jamaican, Patois) should not be our first language! We are obviously in a Global Arena where Inglés is the Universal Language of Communication eg through business, education etc.

How Could We as a people Operate in Such an environment (the Global world) with a language not recognized by many, except of course fellow Jamaicans, and maybe other Caribbean brothers and sisters. Do not get me wrong as I used the word "recognized." Recognized in essence, meaning it is not a language That Other persons outside of the Caribbean can understand or speak Easily, and hence can use it as Their mode of communication. UNLESS of course They have experience Jamaican culture Within the space, or come in Contact with Such a person of Jamaican heritage. THEREFORE, I am not at this point, by no means demeaning our Jamaican Creole.

I am actually quite proud to be a Jamaican! proud of the uniqueness of our culture, Including dance, dress, food and of course our language. Nonetheless, I must REMAIN That due to apparent adamant That fact is the universal language Inglés, let us not delude ourselves not using the Standard That Inglés Language will make us better off. There are a myriad of advantages to using the Inglés Language: Arguably the greatest advantage of studying Inglés Is that your career prospects and Employment Opportunities can vastly increase. People who can speak fluently Inglés (possibly together with a first language) are highly Sought after by companies of many types, Including international companies. When seeking work, proficiency and confidence in speaking and Understanding Inglés can put you at a distinct advantage.

Technology is quite critical In This age we live in. Inglés is very Often the language used for many software programs and for Those That Are technologically minded and ambitious, the study of Inglés can Provide them with useful benefits and knowledge. Hence, On this basis how can we not focus our attention on a language (Inglés) That Enables us to master the craft very many people Especially the young Which to Attain. I am then led to believe That we are going to Develop our own computer software using Jamaican Creole! Let us be realistic.

In the case of academia, Inglés is the language spoken by MOST Commonly academics worldwide. Yes! That we can admit other important research and work in various languages ​​Operate in different counties, nonetheless the vast Majority Tend to be published With The Inglés language as its basis.

While I truly admire the untainted love and appreciation, and the patriotism of the many Jamaicans who wish to make Jamaican Creole to our first language, I must admit That based on the many advantages of Inglés Language, all of Which Have Been working at best for the past decade, I Wish To Remain I REALIST, and educate our young people continue in Inglés Language so That They can have a bright future, while at the same time teaching them to Respect, love, and Maintain our heritage.

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