"More Empowerment for the youths" by: Lynda E. Crichton

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Dear Editor,

It is without a doubt That the youths of today, not only in the Jamaican context, but all over the world are so de-motivated That They lost the capacity to even care what happens to them in all spheres of life. But what is the answer to this plight, to this delima? Who are the persons responsible to Take These youths to A Level Where They POSSESS self love and belief That They Can Attain anything and Overcome the Odds?

Self motivation, I believe is One of the most powerful weapons one can use, while The Importance of other motivators Such as counselors, church, school, and home can never be overlooked. However, the saying Remains true to this day That "you can wata bring horse go to batam but you can not forse him to drink it. "Yes in this world we live in, one has to Find That Inner Strength, backbone, firmness, and Especially the will to live" when your back is against the wall "or when": your are caught Between a rock and a hard place. "

I find it quite remarkable how the mind works, eleven Yourself With you feed negativity, it is like a computer That will take in whatever you process. The output THUS Reflects the input. In essence, if it Finds Within one himself to feed the mind with positive thinking, in a matter of time the hopeless gloom and doom That was felt begin to fade.

Joel Osteen, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Your Best Life Now " vehemently proclaimed. "I declare That I Am Blessed with creativity, with courage, with ability, and with abundance. I declare I am Blessed with success, with supernatural strength, with promotion and protection. " This is the type of empowerment the youths need To Have Within, DESPITE of all the negativity. Declaring Their Lives over positive things, and believe That It Will Happen.

It is not the time to give up, not the time curl up and die, but the time to rise to the occasion. Do not expect life to live up to your expectations, it is an imperfect world! We have to "grow with the flow, so be flexible and Bounce Back with courage, faith and resilience ..." ( Jewel Diamond Taylor, Motivational Speaker, and Author-donotgiveupnow.net).

Let us all be a source of encouragement to the dejected youths, Strengthen Those who are weak and not to tear down. Help to build self confidence, and love for oneself.

Remember, "Diamonds are made ​​from pressure-the Pressures of live will crush Either you or create something new in you" ( Jewel Diamond Taylor) . You must say decide!

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