Introduction of laser engraving machine

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Introduction of laser engraving machine 1, engraving machine every time the rigid application to stop, pay attention to clean-up, be sure to clean dust on the platform and drive fragmented clearing schedule (weekly) sporadic transmission (XYZ axes) lubrication oil. Introduction of laser Carve machine DSP digital manipulation software with the latest skills, CO2 glass cavity sealed off dual-mode laser, not inter-cycle cooling system, mouth linear guide of the original into the engraving machine, high speed to improve the motor integrated steel-framed structures to ensure the precision of the equipment obligations with high stability. In order to meet the needs of customers of the difference in difference industrial customers, the development of professional accessories, knife-shaped aluminum platform, honeycomb plates, lifting platform, red light positioning. Processing table of special sizes according to customer's need to configure the sub-power laser tube with the complete disposal of the industry plan. ? 2 engraving machine of continuous operation time every day, 10 hours guarantee the cleaning of the cooling water pump abnormal events without enable the water-cooled spindle electromechanical showing dry weather, and regular replacement of the cooling water, to prevent the water temperature is too high. Engraved on schedule (in accordance with the application state) to check the various components of the rigid screw is loose

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