Make Jewelry Fashion and Piss Off the Experts

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Some people still believe that combining silver and gold don't look good, but personally I don't agree. It's time to break all those traditional rules and express yourself. If you can funk out with clothes, why not jewelry. I have a charm bracelet in which I have mixed silver and gold charms, and I get compliments from it regularly.

Oh my, are you committing a fashion fart? wholesale fashion rings Yes I understand that these metals look and feel different, but every now and then, just mix it up. You're paying for it, right? Okay if you didn't buy it yourself, it's your stuff. So let me give you some pointers for new fashion farts, or reminders for those of you that have gotten bored with tradition.

Silver charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures because it is a pliable precious metal. Sometimes silver charms will simply hang from a bracelet that includes several links. Basically each charm is connected by means of a split ring that keeps the tiny jewel in place. If you have an option to create your own bracelet, try some bold pieces as well as and add as many charms as you want.

Wholesale fashion jewelry has always been viewed the best gift because it can be worn 24/7 a day and it can be perceived as very personal. A pendant charm bracelet is appropriate for any occasion and any holiday (Valentine, Christmas, Your Birthday - if you celebrate it like a holiday). When I wear my charm bracelets, I shake them simply because I like the sound that they make. You may not be Santa, but you will draw positive attention to yourself. A charm bracelet that is sparkling will certainly strike up a conversation as to the purpose and origin of the charms. Finally, buy what you can afford, as there are many price options available.

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