All details of costume jewelry

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The costume jewelry is divided into several types. Most of them are handmade. The types are as rings, chains, bracelets,
pendants, necklaces and earrings too. However, the necklace is the most popular and sometimes crafted and with
some types of jewelry such as amber, amethyst and aquamarine. In addition, freshwater pearl, Garnet and Opal are possible alternatives.

Regular maintenance is important. You can re-polish silver or gold. In this case, re-polishing the opaque gems
will make it brighter than before. There are some advantages of buying this type of jewelry, so you must
complete the offerings, making regular or periodic maintenance. Anyway, the cheap price becomes one of the most popular benefits.When it comes to talking about the perfect shiny costume jewelry, you need to know the best way to keep perfection. The simple care can maintain the shine of the jewelry itself. After using costume jewelry, clean it with a soft cloth. Please remember that your body sweat dulls the metal and less its luster over time if not cleaned regularly.

In addition,wholesale crystal jewelry or costume jewelry should be kept separate from clothing. You can put it in bags, boxes velvet or possible places. It is not recommended to submerge it in the solid solutions, as it could alter
or fade the color of the stone and even displacing epoxy resins. If you apply hairspray and perfumes, make sure
you do before wearing your jewelry.

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