26% of Canadians Use a Tablet PC

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Tablet PCs make for the youngest segment in the computing scene, but they are witnessing the most activity right now. Media Technology Monitor has come up with a report that provides insight into tablet usage in Canada. While the report points out the explosive growth in the usage of tablet baratas device in the last few years, what has become evident is the overwhelming majority of the tablet users have shown a marked preference for the iPad. As things stand right now, one in every four Canadians own a tablet device.

Coming to the specifics, all of it started with just 5% owning a tablet during the spring of 2011, which jumped to 26% by last fall. While the iPad enjoys an almost two-third market share, the Playbook and Android tablet make up the rest of the tablet segment.

However, what is interesting is that the iPad also caters to the most enthusiastic user base and is most likely to be used by the owners than other tablet devices. 38% said they use the iPad several times daily while 35% said they use it at least once every day. The same for other tablet owners stands at 25% and 34%respectively. However, while the above mentioned figures are impressive, the same had been higher at about 49% in spring 2011, which shows the users might be losing interest a bit.

Coming to the usage pattern, surfing the net has emerged as the single most important activity on the tablet, following by playing games and news reading. 86% use it to access the net, 59% for playing games, and 51% use the tablet to catch up with news. Social media interaction makes up 49% of usage, while 39% said they use the device for watching videos. Those who engage in ebook reading with their tablet make up 35%, while 31% said they use the tablet primarily for listening to music. Streaming Netflix is the favorite pastime for 11%. The above finding however applies to the iPad with owners of other tablet devices most likely to use the device in a different manner.

Another interesting finding of the above survey is that tablet devices are mostly used indoors. While for the majority 82%, the tablets usage is confined to within their homes, a miniscule 8% resort to using their tablets at work. telefono con android

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