Venta Fabrica de aceitunas en conservas + tomates triturados

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Department Lujan de Cuyo in Mendoza province.
The property is located 14 km from city of Mendoza is located to the west bank of the south access highway, which links the city to the south of the highway passing provincia.Por trucks going to Chile.
The property, which consists of 6,7467,29 ha, is divided into two parts.
MANUFACTURING, it consists of two perfect mind dos.Uno difference of them has 1,575 m2, is considered the body principal.En the 64 pools are concrete, epoxy coated, inside and out, capcidad 600,000. liters.
In the 62 pools a capacity between 8,000 and 12,000 c / una.Consta addition of 13,600 calories a boiler to accelerate the fermentation of olives if proved necessary, it is also clear with all the machinery needed for an elaboration of brain pro preserved olives as coach, size dora and pumps needed for an add olives to the pools and get them out of them once fermented into the body and size selection.
In another warehouse located in the same body is crushed tomato factory for the production of 8 and 4 kg, and bottles of 1kg.Al side is a shed for storing finished products and empty containers.
The second body of 1,500 square meters is built on three houses joined together with 4 doors facing north and south to facilitate entry and exit of trucks with cement floors for heavy brick built out and fully reversed, inside zinc.Posee corrugated roofs also a cabin fitted out as a goal, restrooms for both sexes and encargado.E No housing currently being built offices, showroom and tasting of 200 m square.
This establishment has a water tank 15 m cap-35,000. l, to 10 m high, on the same level there are 2 sisternas suspended to prepare solutions of caustic soda and brine independently, at ground level are 2 pools of equal capacity, which is preparing for distribution concentrated solution in pools where they ferment the aceitunas.La property has well water supply + 6 "pump out electro 4" as additional reinforcement if proved necessary.
The property is close to the Olympic closing tissue and concrete poles.$= 2.200.000.dol eeuu + 3% al agent.

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