Private Guided Tour Tangier-Morocco

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Tangier is one of the wonderful Cities in Morocco. There is such a diverse range of landscapes from the the Countryside and Mediterranean beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see! Whilst here you will be able to sample world famous Moroccan cuisine, as well as a delicious range of food, Cheese and Patisserie.

The City plays host to one of the most famous Romantic Cities in the world;. Around the country you will find fantastic sights which really show the history of the country, these include ancient Morish castles to 10th Century Mosques, Churches and Synagogues.

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A tour of Tangier and other cities in Morocco is a real big undertaking; this is why many people choose to adopt a chauffeur for their stay in this country. Your own chauffeur will take you to the best locations within the country whilst planning your accommodation for each and every night. Although the cost may seem high at first, you will be getting much more for your money than if you attempted to plan a trip around Morocco yourself.

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Welcome to Tangiers EssentialMorocco Private Guided tours, we'll be very glad to accomodate you now and for years to come!! Malika