The Bioghaphy of Yashaii Moran

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Yashaii Moran (Lima, January 30, 1991). It will be the first future Peruvian porn star. From five years of age and knew drawing the plans of the city of Lima.

I started to study El Agustino-initial, then in Chaclacayo finished its initial, then he decided with his mother to live in Chosica, in which finished all his primary studies in the Cuzco school.

Yashaii Moran admires Crissy Moran

After study throughout high school at several colleges such as: Simon Bolivar of Santa Eulalia, Foyer of Charite in Ñaña; which suffered an accident in the left arm but then I heal, Yashaii Moran the name is in honour to Crissy Moran to the who the admires so much is that be chose to make his name in the porn world artistic and representing his country for the Peru.

Currently live in Lima.

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