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My name is OSCAR CORVERA,my family have three RICH GOLD MINES (Aluvional) located in SOUTH YUNGAS AND NORTH YUNGAS in La Paz- Bolivia.

We are looking for buyers and investors.

Two mines are located in South Yungas was worked by two dredges of 12" in a small operation 20 years ago, having a production of 30 grs. to 100 grs. of gold per day and developed by two American Citizens. Another operation with a very small New Zealand Mining Co. with a medium size Floating Washing Plant they got up to 6 Kgs. Of Gold (192 Troy Ounces) PER WEEK. We have geological, technical and complete reports of both operations, satellites photos, etc.

Both mines, have Gold deposits in the River, in a large OLD CHANNEL, one STOCK PILE along 500 hectares ideal for medium proyects.

Also all the roads are constructed for easy access to the mine, 4 hours from the main city La Paz, semi tropical area, warm river, tourist area, near 4 stars hotels, electricity cross the mine and all the resources available. Beautiful and heavenly area.

The mine located in North Yungas is untouch, surveyed only by two brigades 20 years ago, found one of the best geological conditions because the river is located in the middle of an OLD CHANNEL in the richest GOLD ZONE in the Bolivian History.

The beaches have only two meters deep until to get the BED ROCK, with and average of 3 grs. of gold per ton above along 200 hectares, ideal for a medium size operation.

Both mines are titled certified and ready to work we are the owners of these mines and you are dealing directly with us. We are looking for a buyer but with preference for a JOINT VENTURE.

Bolivia is among the most attractive regions in the world for exploration and mining. The country's appeal to mining companies stems from a combination of factors including a strong mining culture, excellent geology, political stability and favorable tax and permitting structures. Under the country's foreign-ownership laws, non-Bolivian companies can maintain 95% ownership of their properties and reap the full benefits of successful exploration. In this welcoming climate, the recent strength of the gold price combined with Bolivian's abundance of gold deposits has improve significant new investment. We have 700 of hectares rich minerals ready for you to take advantage of the mining benefits in La Paz - Bolivia and we invite you to visit our mines with your own experience geological team.

You can contact to my mobile 00591-79162225 and my mail, corvera@hotmail.com

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