If these in a foreign place and you wish to visit Cuba, do not spend in expensive rents buy this great property

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- this property, constructed in 1953 he combines the comforts and beauty thanks to the good distribution of his spaces. Clarifying is worth that it was designed and constructed by his of one's own owners since were architects, giving it thus a little distinctive bit to his construction.

- this marries her at present intact, modification has not suffered any one and conserve all his characteristics like beauty, comfort and the construction's fortress that guarantees that you and the his enjoy its comforts to plenitude.

- I want to clarify before passing to the characteristics of the house than this the property at another municipality like BEACH or PRESERVE would be able to reach the ( 150 000 ) cuc at the very least.

- this conformed by a fence perimetral that offers certainty and independence to the property. In the front he possesses an ample garden, roofed carposh, big barred portal, original ample garage with capability stop over a vehicle ( with great ventilation ), reception room (, ample living room this account with original shelves of gypsum besides have great ventilation and illumination since possesses crystal windows, big and airy dining room, five ample rooms, two bathing ( voucher clarifying that they all have closet original except one ) ( ( clarifying is worth that one can accede to the from within doors and has drainage and available water in addition to light and lines of ordinary 110v and 220v )Grand one with bathtub and another child ), ample patio with little plot of land land, the business possesses cistern own and with capability of over a narghile accompanied by a big elevated tank and possesses installation for COLD and HOT water, FREE PLATE ( because if practically of a size of the house and with possibilities of future constructions since he has the installed drainages, lateral corridors and rear end that communicate among themselves.

- in short one without number of comforts that they make easy living in a house.

- I want to clarify than all carpentry this to the one hundred percent just like the floor and the construction of the house, this very taken care of and his structure makes future constructions in his plate possible ( roof ).

- as to place this located in Marianao ( but I clarify in one very but very good place at all that to envy Playa or another most wanted places ) and this very central right now than himself you square this within reach of many places to solo like Schools, Policlínicos, Farmacias and Mercado.

In other words he is all what you look for as to the price, that one maybe we can readjust it. Nostante call and more than that see her with his of one's own eyes.

He can contact me to the following telephone ( 53573591 ó to the 2655928 ) in any schedule of the day to see her and call in advance ), also if he finds in the following mail following mail ( sanrey2013@gmail.com).

Right now I have two buyers but both are in the exterior and arrive to mediated or final of Mayo, now if I find somebody in more proximate date we closed the deal .

Note : I am not running or intermediary I am the proprietor.

Remember than this, the possibility doing reality his dream, it does not give himself two his times well then call right now.

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