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Welcome to Camel-Excursions-Morocco Company

PhotoCamel-Excursions-Morocco is a nomadic family dedicated to organize trips throughout Morocco, formed by a highly trained professional team, native guides with a high level of experience in this area and experts familiar with the customs and culture of their country.

CamelExcursionsMorocco helps you to travel all Morocco, 4 × 4 trails, excursions, trekking through the Atlas, camel rides ... everything you can imagine. We will make your dreams to become reality.
With us your trip will be a memorable experience. We offer special trips for groups, families, businesses and singles.

You will be wrapped by the scent of the streets, impressed by the contrast of the landscapes, Moroccos customs and ancient culture and you will be surprised about the hospitality of the people.

Travel with the kindness and severity of
Camel Excursions Morocco!

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