Why a True Fashionista Stocks Up on Necklaces

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A fashionista can accessorize like nobody's business, and that means finding just the right jewelry that she can count on for every occasion. She needs a go-to bracelet that is personal, fun, and classic all at once. What fits the bill for this girl? Charm wholesale jewelry.

When you think of Jackie Onassis - a real style icon - you think of pure unadulterated glam. You think of someone who knew her own style and who was able to successfully be fashion-forward and timeless all at once. You can imagine a charm bracelet gently encircling Jackie's wrist, glittering and moving about while she gracefully poses for the camera.

Even if you're not Jackie O and have your own style going on, you can learn from her fashion cues. Charm bracelets have movement and style, yet you can totally personalize them to suit your taste. You can have one that you go to everyday, or several. You can add charms to commemorate events that come to pass in your life - whether it's your 21st birthday or that crazy trip that you took to Thailand last year.

Fashion is about expressing your individuality, and nothing expresses your personality like a charm bracelet or wholesale fashion necklaces. You literally create it yourself. You decide what you want to say and what you want to remember. You are the designer.

High-quality materials mean that you'll have a piece to be proud of, so make sure you use real charms and metals, not cheap junk jewelry. Would Jackie O ever wear cadmium? She wouldn't be caught dead in it, and neither should you.www.jewellrypalace.com

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