Canadian judge, the right to assisted suicide activist was gunned down an abortion feminist

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Cecilia Forsyth, national president of REAL Women of Canada said that gave him the background, the decision of Judge Smith, "not surprising".

"They previously served as president of the legal hand of the feminist organization, Women's Legal Education and the actions of the Fund (the leaves)," Forsyth said in a press release two days ago. "In accordance with the liberal ideology, they have proposed restrictions imposed to protect the lives of vulnerable patients."

Smith "liberal ideology" can be traced back at least 20 years of age. In 1991 he intervened in the Supreme Court of Canada as the lead counsel position LEAF on behalf of two midwives, who died in the lower court for "criminal negligence" for his role in the child's death during childbirth, which have been condemned.

The point, コーチ バッグ, raises the question of the legal status of the unborn child.

At the time Smith successfully argued that the "fetus is a" person "within the meaning of the Criminal Code on the grounds that" such a result would be the goal of gender equality in the law. "

Said in his defense, Smith, that the midwife, the mother, who survived, and no child, because evil is "the fruit is not a legally independent from him, as he and his mother" should be born to finish. "

The ratio of abortions in Canada, who was in the choir is often summed feminist "my body, my choice," is rooted in how the arguments of Smith in this case.

"The legal status of same feotus a full term may not feotus, without addressing the status of women, the body which they are addressed," says Smith.

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Smith urged the court concluded that "increasing women's equality (as opposed to the further strengthening of its roughness)," Criminal Code must be designed so that "the fetus is not a number of woman who wears his watch."

"[T] he feotus is not a" person "within the meaning of § 203 of the Penal Code, or any other type of unit separate from the woman whose body it is," she said.

The Supreme Court followed the logic of Smith and came to the conclusion that the unborn are not persons for purposes of the Criminal Code. Midwives have been acquitted.

Opponents of euthanasia, as Alex Schadenberg order to Euthanasia Prevention, show that as Smith points to protect the rights of women without their knowledge to humanity of the unborn child to focus on the autonomy of the individual, it is unfair assisted suicide for the Blind, eventually legalized murder.

"Take a euphemism for suicide, murder and assistance," Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno said on Monday. "Justify? BC Supreme Court Lynn Smith thinks it is so disturbing to the historical interpretation of the Constitution, due to the loss of life will be."

DiManno Smith criticizes the treatment of § 7 of the Constitution - the right to life, liberty and security - they can get into the pro-death penalty.

"This is a radically simplify the right to life, as in the law, death, torture, reading of the Charter Agreement to bless murder under certain circumstances," said DiManno

"The judge very intelligent man with a brilliant legal mind, but they showed very poor coverage of some basic principles, the argument against a government lawyer, that life is sacred, and the state can not bear to life." But the (state) sends young people to war, " Judge Smith met. This is an absurd comparison, high-Smith is seriously good faith on the forehead. "

Margaret Dore, president of choice is an illusion, Judge Smith, is accused of "double talk" to their decision.

"The opinion ... double talk, there is one and another, sometimes mean, on the contrary, writing," said Dora. "Most central, according to plaintiff, based on the" right to die "on their" right to life "in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These contradictory notions. "

Cecilia Forsyth Real Women of Canada believes that Judge Smith was "blinded by their ideological beliefs" and that "apparently unwilling or unable to understand the far-reaching consequences for their decisions."

Foresight predicts a bleak future if the sentence had been thrown, when premature death is only the visible horizon for the elderly and sick people.

"With the legalization of assisted suicide, the patient is extremely vulnerable when they try to shame, to save his life, despite concerns about his family. Our aging population, our health care system is not connected, only aggravated the problem of コーチ".

Dr. freedom Johnston, president of Euthanasia Prevention sort of British Columbia shall issue Forsyth.

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