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Es mi historia, la de una persona común y corriente que se preocupa por el día a día y cuya cotidianidad está inmersa en una ciudad cosmopolita, una jungla urbana en la que cada momento es un nuevo reto. Hazme compañía en la alocada montaña rusa que es mi vida!!

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2011-07-26 15:35:59 hs
Hi Alice, you don´t have to do "translation" for my, is better read and write in english. First I just want to give you an apologize for be late, I was taking a rest in a farm in the middle of nowhere; second I feel flattered for your intention for be my friend but I really prefer be in contact by this way, for my the picture of a person is not important, the main is the inside (spirit o whatever)...also, I just wanna know where are you from? because, since my view, is very 'exciting' that someone who came of other world (anglo-saxon I think) can understand and appreciate the written of a young and latin men. Thank you and sorry for be late.