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Throwing out old company documents? Are you sure your confidential information safe from prying eyes are?
Information security is a serious concern for all businesses. Many companies enforce security by hiring security guards, installing CCTV cameras, door access systems installing, Restricting visitors from employee's work areas, etc.. However, confidential information may still leak out due to improper disposal of documents.

These information include sensitive information about The company operations, financial information, information of employees, customers and suppliers of information, etc.
In order to make sure confidential data does not That fall into the wrong hands, it is absolutely Necessary to Destroy Before These documents are discarded.
Here is a partial list of documents Which Should be destroyed prior to disposal.

CVs (Applicants and employees)
Employee Personal Data
Sales Information
Customer Lists
Salaries Information
Accounts Information
Account Information Management
Out of date checks
Items with Signatures
Price Lists
Tax Office Documents
Financial Information
Minutes of Meetings

The best way to Ensure That your documents are destroyed and can not be reconstructed is to shred your documents by a reliable, heavy duty shredder.

l Cutting blades made ​​of high-grade steel. Cuts even staple wires, small paper clips, credit cards, CD's, and DVD's
l Designed for professional, heavy duty, continuous use in large offices
l Low noise operation
l Large Waste Bins
l High sheet capacity

Call us now and let us show you how you can protect your sensitive information!

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