Both men and women prefer to dress up in style.

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Both men and women prefer to dress up in lifestyle. In addition to designer clothes they wear accessories such as vivienne westwood jewellery. They are designed to be worn for any occasion and on any apparel.There are woman who wear jewelry to enhance their beauty. Gone are the days of jewellery. On every one of any vivienne westwood jewellery product you will find a tag stating it to be 'natural'. Global brands of jewellery have made their footprints in India. Today jewellery are sold over the counter in practically every mall .

The latest trend in wrist wear is the vivienne westwood bracelets, that are manufactured in India for all ages. Them is available in various colours such as black, brown, white and silver. They are designed to be worn for any occasion and on any apparel.

There is a traditional saying that says, The left hand is for thee, while the right hand is for me symbolizing a vivienne westwood rings on the left hand stands for love, fidelity and everlasting relationship while the right hand ring celebrates a womans independent status.

Right hand diamond rings are more elaborate and fancier compared to their counterparts engagement rings and wedding bands. They resemble more like cocktail diamond rings worn at special occasions. A right hand ring features a collection of small diamonds encrusted in intricate designs with less or no emphasis on the center stone as the design in itself is the focus of attention. Right hand vivienne westwood rings are worn either on the ring finger or the pinky of the right hand to portray the womans individuality and independence.

Nevertheless, a right hand diamond ring is not meant for single woman alone. They can be spotted by a married lady trying to celebrate her individual identity which is often lost while trying to fulfill the various roles donned after the wedding i.e. of a wife, daughter-in-law, mother, etc. A right hand diamond ring reminds the woman that regardless of the variety of roles played in life by her, she is worthy of fine presents to portray her personality.

So, if you like a particular diamond ring kept on display at your jewelers window, dont be shy to pick it up for yourself and sport it on your right hand. But if you want to receive a beautiful diamond ring from your better half, even that is acceptable. Just that you need to be clear why hand you want to wear it on before accepting the gift.

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