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top welder

Top collar welder

  • Model: DS-80/DS-50
  • Input voltage: 380V(2-phase) or specified by customer
  • Power freq.: 50Hz
  • Power capacity: 80KVA/50KVA
  • Working load: 35KVA
  • Air flow: 100L/min/80L/min
  • Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
  • Cooling method: Water cooling
  • Water flow: 3L/min
  • Insulation grade: F
  • Weight: 400/290KG
  • DS-80 is recommended when the power source voltage is relatively low and/or when welding galvanized wires


  • Specifically designed cyclinder ensures stable air pressure and welding speed
  • One-piece machine body secures its rigidity
  • Adopting KD-08B controller and reliable welding loop
  • Top support locating flange and adjustable stand ensures the perpendicularity between the support and cage axis
  • Top cap welder is also applicable for welding connecting rings for multi-section cages

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