How to test the ability of the laser engraving machine?

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How to test the ability of the laser engraving machine? With the popularity of computer engraving machine, surface application in the industry of advertising signs, computer engraving machine is no longer just a symbol of strength, only to become a real volume professional production tool. Typical applications of computer engraving machine, advertising signs industry: badges processing, cutting the word crystal, and carved three-dimensional characters, making the sandbox components Lightbox processing components, processing of organic products, and carved reliefs text and patterns and so on. The most notable feature of these applications are: · Finished fine machining area is small, processing only a small tool! Use a small tool to generate higher productivity, which requires the device capabilities and the process must have professional features! Must be mass-produced! No batch is difficult to produce better economies of scale. With practical experience in the production operators are clear: the dry one living is easy, but either accident, into the bulk of the work which difficult This will test the tool is'' comfortable, so smoothly'' The professional laser engraving machine is the most significant features are: professional, closely matching the professional engraving CAD / CAM software and laser engraving machine Batch processing in the use of specialized computer engraving machine (laser), the professional engraving software to ensure the operator swimmingly well designed to generate a rational and efficient processing procedures; chucking good material, good tune tool began to work, the operator simply time to time'' to listen to the tool cutting voice'' to determine whether the tool wear, if necessary, replace tool, basically from time to account for; when processing is completed, certain areas of processing effect is not meet the requirement, the operator in the machine a little remedial repair functions in the field, the number of living so fluently. This work comfortable'' The low degree of specialization of the computer (laser) engraving machine for the operator to design an ideal way of processing - the process is not unexpected happens! If this premise, this engraving machine work is no problem, but no accident, the fact that in the long batch processing situation does not exist, then work is necessary'' does not go smoothly ' '' '! Mainly as follows: the tool adjustment is difficult to pinpoint and the scene is difficult to repair the deficiencies in the processing! This may result in: the tool a cutting tool positioning accuracy of the low accuracy of the finished product, on-site can not be repaired must be repeated processing to reduce processing efficiency. The use of precision high-speed spindle motor - the key equipment of the small tool engraving High-speed precision spindle motor, high speed, high precision, low noise, low vibration and high-speed constant power characteristics, to ensure that small tool to obtain higher cutting speed, maintain high rotation accuracy and work shaft is smooth, and can produce enough high-speed cutting force. The strong support of the laser engraving process based on the equivalent of cutting technology - high-speed carving small tool The same amount of cutting small high-speed carving tool CAM expertise, no matter how complicated the machining area to ensure that the technology can be generated has a constant amount of cutting, and planning the carving path, only the same amount of cutting in order to ensure that small tool is technically efficient carved. The stability of the laser control technology - the basic guarantee for small and efficient tool carving Laser engraving machine uses small cutting tools, single a cutting tool material removal is necessary to improve the average speed of the feed to improve processing efficiency, and stability to quickly go back. Carved CNC system, stable laser control technology, to ensure that a small tool to withstand the stability of the cutting force and maintain high and stable feed the average speed in the sculpture, so that the high efficiency of small cutting tools possible to achieve. Stability of the mechanical structure - a solid platform of small high-speed carving tool The mechanical structure of the engraving machine is installed directly on the stability of the structure as a whole casting structure, motion guide together to ensure high-precision machine parts and fine assembly process, to ensure that the processing of movement of the engraving machine stability, low noise and movement, a stable working platform for high-speed machining of small tool for the'' high-speed feed, fast back'' movement way to provide a reliable guarantee. Practical accident repair function - to ensure the processing of small knives truly efficient Laser engraving machine uses small cutting tools, small tool wear is fast, easy cutting knife accidents can not be completely changed, the current advertising identifies the industry's business is mainly in bulk live, which requires a computer laser engraving machine has the practical repair function of an accident situation, the operator can repair engraving mistakes on the operating platform, otherwise an accident to be re-programmed from scratch processing, it will cause a lot of meaningless repetitive work and reduce the processing efficiency.

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