la historia del carnaval de barranquilla

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Barranquilla 's carnival has its remote origins in the carnival that came to America from Spain. So he has a spirit of renewal and change similar to that inspired this holiday season in Europe.

The first carnival held in the city is lost in history, more than a century ago, when Barrie was a small population. However, by word of mouth, have circulated various stories about how people celebrated the Barranquilla carnival as always ingenuous, funny, festive, and above all healthy, have been allowed to keep a tradition that goes back three centuries.

The carnival, of European origin, were introduced to America by the Spanish and Portuguese. The history of Barranquilla have come to the conclusion that was made in Cartagena de Indias, in colonial times as slaves party, by that time appeared on the streets black with traditional instruments and special costumes, dancing and singing.

The traditional novena of La Candelaria, Cartagena de Indias, framed a magnificent dance in the eighteenth century a holiday granted to blacks brought from Africa muzzles. These parties are a source of the main dances of the Carnival of Barranquilla.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Barranquilla increased all sectors of its economy and exploited the geographical conditions that were beginning to put as main city in the Caribbean region. \\\"The advantage of being at the mouth of the main waterway of Colombia, the Magdalena River, the port allows for river and sea, and its location in northern Colombia and in the area circum allows economic displacement Cartagena, Mompox, Santa Marta and the Bank, and many of its inhabitants who are coming to participate in Barranquilla prosperity, \\\"said Robert Castillejo in his Carnival in Northern Colombia.

Have not historically accurate data on the initial date of the first Carnival held in Barranquilla, his tradition is as remote as the first human settlements on the northern coast of Colombia. Here are some facts:

Emerged a figure called King Momo (symbol of the mask).


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