The Beauty and Appeal of Black Diamond Jewelry Online

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Known as Carbonado, the black diamond was formed more than 3.5 billion years ago. Below the surface of the earth, extreme heat and pressure caused carbon atoms to convert into crystal. Over time, pressure and recurring volcanic activity pushed the diamond to the earth's surface. These magnificent stones contain black spots of sulfides which cause the dense texture and they rate in the Moh\\\'s scale at 10 which indicates the extreme hardness of the stone. The largest source of these diamonds can be found in Brazil. The properties of the stone ranges from compact to porous and the amount of flaws and inclusions can vary. Most of the external surface of the stone is covered by dark grey and grey features. wholesale jewelry supplies When polished and properly cut, these diamonds express elegance and beauty, and when created as a stunning jewelry piece, they add style and charm to any outfit. The value of this kind of diamond jewelry will fashion necklaces For instance, black diamonds that are referred to as \"fancy,\" will exhibit natural occurring color hues and are valued according to the intensities of the color hues. Stones that look more like white diamonds because the black inclusions are less predominant will have a lower value. Also, the higher the size or carat, the more the diamond will cost. As well, the high price of this glamorous stone is the result of companies controlling the supply of the diamonds. Although black diamond jewelry is quite expensive, lovers of fine jewelry can find more modest priced pieces from online discount jewelry retailers where they will find these elegant and trendy pieces at prices far below retail value. Today, fashion conscious people can find black diamond jewelry everywhere. Even those on a tight budget can find a gorgeous diamond jewelry piece at a price they can afford. There are pieces that are as black as the night sky and they look spectacular with both a T-shirt and pair of jeans, or with an elegant black cocktail dress. Because elegant diamond jewelry can be matched with every clothing item in the closet, the phrase \\\"diamonds are forever\\\" definitely rings true. When shopping for jewelry, consider one of nature\\\'s most astounding gifts - amazing black diamonds available in a diverse selection of beautiful diamond

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