Calgary supporters of vaccination against HPV is not a doctor of souls

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In Catholic teaching, we take very seriously, and we try to teach students about the beauty and nature of human sexuality, marriage and conjugal love, abstinence and chastity, charity, and regulatory decisions, including delay of sexual sexual activity, in accordance with the teachings of Catholic Church.コーチ バッグ

For Catholics, there is no such thing as a purely "health" issue. All activities proposed in the Catholic school should be in the light of our faith and doctrine would be appreciated. This, of course, necessary in the case of a vaccine against the disease, sexually transmitted, and not only physical but also spiritual, mental and moral well-being of each effect.

The element of faith built into every curriculum for each program to develop its relations with the world of human culture.

Opinions about what is good or bad decision-making ethics and morality. The Catholic moral tradition develops through prayer, study, reflection and recognition of the Holy Spirit at work through a variety of sources. These sources include health and social services, the experience of Christian community, moral theologians, bishops, and the doctrine of the Church of the Holy Scriptures. NO source of knowledge can be neglected in the matter in hand.

Pope Benedict XVI recently said that the decline in precious and delicate area of ​​education in sexuality to management of "risk" is devoid of any reference to the beauty of conjugal love is especially bothersome. Reflexive and recurring emphasis on risk reduction strategy as a first line of defense, but probably with good intentions, has its bearing on contemporary culture and its values, its secular way of seeing the human person, sexuality, relationships, sacrifice and commitment.

The argument of the minimization of risk and profitability reflects the utilitarian ethic. Although it has many components, utilitarianism generally disregards moral considerations in the evaluation of human conduct, codes of conduct, and instead of moving in the consequences, for example, the percentage of transmission of HPV, the cost effectiveness of treatment, the number of deaths from cervical cancer, etc., are all important .

However, utilitarianism, objective moral truth and the Sorcerer's progress is not clear, concise explanation of the delay of sexual activity or limiting sexual partners.

Therefore, measures should be used only as supplementary measures to prevent HPV, condom use and / or vaccines. Although the standard of the moral ideal, abstinence and fidelity, he is also the most effective means of primary prevention of HPV, they will be marginalized.

If we do not try to sexual behavior, which is responsible for the transmission of HPV to change, but try to solve the problem through a series of images, we can not control, to himself, or to develop strength, but medicine can overcome our shortcomings. Technological solution does not require any changes in behavior. It really does not thematize the reasons, but it is a mask, but actually undermines efforts to achieve the most effective solution.コーチ

Parents, doctors, teachers and institutions must be recommended by a holistic approach to health, relationships and sexual behavior, delay sexual activity is sexual aims.

From the outset, the government announced that it is a voluntary program and the Alberta bishops have made clear that in the case of minors, parents should decide whether their child should be vaccinated.

For the vaccination is not inherently evil act, but part of prevention. Also on the physical, it can lead to unintended consequences and undesirable, but, more importantly, it does not affect mental, emotional and moral well-being.

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