Investment in Renewable Energies in Latin America

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State of the Argentine and Latin America Renewable Energies Industry

The study is a beautifully designed document with over 70 graphs, charts and maps; importantly, it also contains a database of existing and projected projects in each technology. It has quickly become the reference document being used by prospective investors into Argentina. Please see the Table of Contents below for a summary of what to expect, but here are some of the graphics:

Investment in Renewable Energies in Latin America since 2004 to 2010, in u$D billion

Year 2004: $ 0,5

Year 2005: $ 2,8

Year 2006: $ 4,7

Year 2007: $ 7,7

Year 2008: $ 15,7

Year 2009: $ 9,4

Year 2010: $ 13,1

ECR Solar

Arq. Enrique César Rodríguez

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