Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

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We have a lot of MOBILES, Digital Cameras,Camcorders and Lenses in stock.

They are all Brand New and comes with complete package and accessories with 2 Years International Warranty and 30 Days Return Policy.

Name: Mariano Perez
Yahoo Chat:
Telephone Number::+233271805971


Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)----------------- $5000USD
Nikon d2x SLR Camera (Body only)-------------------$700USD
Nikon D200 Body Only -----------------------$500
Nikon D200 Digital Camera====$600
Nikon D40x Digital Camera== $450
Nikon COOLPIX P5000 Digital Camera==$200
Nikon D90 Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens...$520
Nikon D80 Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens....$450usd
Nikon D80 Body Only Digital Camera.....$350usd
Nikon D40 Digital Camera with G-II 18-55mm Lens....$230usd
Nikon D60 Black SLR DigitalCamera Kit-350usd
Nikon D40X==== 300USD
Nikon D90==== 500USD
Nikon D300==== 900USD
Nikon D3===== 980USD
Nikon D700===== 1,000USD
Nikon D70 Body Only -------------------------$500

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