it is hard to find a more than legendary the right words

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Summary ChuShiJian life, it is hard to find a more than legendary the right words, let alone his DaYouJi when cadres and history, single is he cultural revolution the sugar refinery in built the profit only local enterprise, is very legend. As for he put a fixed assets where millions dollars small cigarette factory to make the fixed assets of 7 billion yuan, the year tax is nearly 20 billion yuan, the brand of intangible assets is evaluation for $33.2 billion, Christian Louboutin Cheap the world's fifth Asia the first tobacco empire, is a very exciting legends. And in was in the ascendant encountering century trial and fell into life after the bottom, and a new business, and made spectacular performance, no doubt, is a legend legend. Times of the evaluation of the public opinion to his view, some amazing and appreciate the legend; Someone made the legendary society on soil; Some question the right behind the legend; Others from the dream of legend, draw on the experiences of success. But I want to say is, ChuShiJian life experience, there are a lot of technical things can be summarized and learning. But his legend, but not copy. That makes him the legend, both historical background, and a small regional environment, and many want to draw or could not say the various causes, make him the life experience soil and climate do not copy, who is a hero and sinners and hard to give ultimate of good value judgment system,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes also do not copy; Life imprisonment reduced to Christian Louboutin 17 years and eventually released on medical parole experience, and it is hard to duplicate; He took a hands return to local kind of orange, stretched out in all directions to decades of contacts have forged a helping hand, also be duplicated. And as a former world-class enterprise old total mind and knowledge, and such as cooking fresh to the small business of his experience of chu orange, and an replication.

In this country, money more than he too much of the millionaire,Salvatore Ferragamo UK kind of orange kind of better than he more, the Lord, will be not less. But as he became legends such people, but not much. He is like a deep in the history of the global beach alone specimens, and records the time the marks of the tidal ups and downs. This, also be not copy!
See the news, is in February 13 this special day, now, it is not only a valentine's day eve so simple, and be net friends spontaneously dubbed the derailed festival, its reason is some like to play with ambiguity of the men and women, in the February 14 this sensitive time can't go out fooling around,Salvatore Ferragamo and pick the one day in advance and carrying a spouse is good the feast. Online and the news media, related news is numberless as the sand, let a person feel really like that song, and the air seemed to have a couple of flavor, all kinds of love and desire of topic, at this time the cocoon

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