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Purchasing a Timeshare Wisely

Timeshares are often purchased because people want to have their dream vacations they don't realize that timeshares have a lot of potential.

The first thing that you have to understand when purchasing timeshares is the resort ratings, if you want to get the most timeshare trading power for the least money do not insist that the resort be rated Gold Crown or 5-Star. People have a misconception regarding resort ratings, a resort rating of Gold Crown or 5-Star has little impact on its exchange power. Lower rated resorts in areas with high demand will trade the same compared to Gold Crown and 5-Star resorts. Gold Crown is the highest award given to resorts, which is given to approx. 10% of RCI's resorts. It is only given to recognize the resort; it does not affect the likelihood of getting an exchange. The Gold Crown award distinguishes quality, based on the feedbacks from members that have stayed in the resort or hotel. When you have fully understood the concept of resort ratings you can wisely choose a resort from which you want to purchase your timeshare, but that doesn't stop there. There are still a lot to consider before you make your final decision.

The most important factor in determining trade power of a timeshare property is the location. If you have a timeshare in a popular location more timeshares holders would want to exchange with you. Season is also another factor that you have to consider in your purchase of a timeshare property. If you buy a prime season timeshare, you won't be restricted as to what time of the year you can request to exchange you can request any time of year for your destination resort. Buying in a resort that has a reasonable maintenance fee is also a smart move.

When buying a timeshare you need not buy an expensive one. Your goal in purchasing a timeshare is always to minimize your cost. You may not even like the timeshare, but if it is located in a hotly-demanded area and you buy inexpensively, it will serve well to trade you into the finest resorts. When the time comes that you have fully maximized the use of your timeshare and you want to dispose it, one company can help you find a way to dispose your timeshare easily, that company is Groupwise inc.

Groupwise Inc. specializes in disposing unwanted timeshares. They help clients dispose of their unwanted timeshares in a manner that is hassle free and safe. Groupwise Inc. was founded by an expert team of resort industry professionals in 1995. Their goal is to provide assistance to timeshare owners who are having a hard time to dispose their timeshare property. Acquiring unwanted timeshares is the number one priority of this company. Groupwise Inc. helps you get rid of unwanted timeshare properties through business methods that are financially sound.

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