the warrior princess

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A long time ago, there was a princess called Elizabeth- a magic warrior-. Who lives with her parents.

One day, the princess Elizabeth went out to walk. While she was walking, she dropped her wallet.

While it was passing, a boy named David came toward to the princess for helping her. He picked up the things of the ground, the boy invited her to drink a coffee and the princess accept it.

David asked to the princess how was she called and she replied: "Elizabeth"

They stayed talking for a moment before he left to her, she asked what's your name? and the boy answered "David".

Then, Elizabeth said goodbye with a kiss in the cheek in appreciation for helping her, and went to talk with her best friend and told her what was happened, also said that, when she was talking with him and when she said goodbye, she felt a feeling very strong, and she realized she was in love for David, they went for shopping and bought a beautiful dress for the princess.

They saw some beautiful shoes and the princess wore them with the dress and bought it.

And after the friend asked her that they ate a delicious apple pie.

And after of that, when they came from the purchases they showed the things to her parents.

After a few days, the princess went for a walk and David came for surprising to her, he invited her to eat an ice cream and began to talk.

While, living in a other strange dimension, a wicked witch
called Cruella, she was looking in her crystal ball which was the new magic warrior, and when she found her, she observed what was she doing, she saw to the princess talking with a boy very handsome and they were very happy, she was jealous about it, and she said that she would destroy the warrior princess, the boy, and all the people who stayed in her road.

Then, the princess dressed the blue dress that she had bought and she looked in the mirror, and she realized that it had another dimension inside, but when she was to touch it her father the king , called to her and asked to come and to walk with him, and while they was going out the Princess was thinking about what was happened.

Meanwhile, the evil witch Cruella was creating a plan to destroy and making to suffer to them.

A goddess who traveled in all dimensions realized the plans of the wicked witch, so she went to the dimension of the witch in order to try stopping her and ruining her plans to restore the peace in all dimensions.

The witch knew that the goodness would try to destroy her plans and so, when the goddess fell in count, the witch appeared and they had a hard battle for any time, then the witch fell down and the goddess approached for picking her and locking in a jail, but while it was going up, the Witch knocked to the goodness and created a powerfull field of force and she locked her in it , a lot of wickedness weakened to the goddess and she could not destroy it.

After locking the goddess the witch continued with her plans, and she began by the boy, so when he went on his way to his home, he was passing through an alley and the witch created a black hole and he slipped and fell in it, and the witch trapped him, she was thinking that it had been easier than she had expected.

Then the princess went to look at the mirror again, and when she turned around, she opened portal that carried her to the Cruella's dimension, and she was trapped in a cell with a malignant force and as the princess could not hold so much power, she fainted.

Several hours had passed and the princess awoke, saw the witch and she took out her of the cell and she recovered her forces, but she was a little confused because she did not know what was going on, so the witch cornered to her for killing, the princess began to cry and asked the witch do not hurt to her, but when she less expected it, the witch nailed a dagger to the princess, and when the boy saw her and shouted angrily began to cry, and the princess saw him but locked up and crying for her, she recovered the forces and she healed her wounds that she had, and suddenly, she raised and she converted in a powerfull warrior so she knew what was happening, so they began to fight, and they continued so for some time, then they did not have a lot of forces, they fell down to the ground and the witch got up and threw a knife to the warrior princess, but before she ran and the knife cut the most of her hair, to see, the surprised warrior that she had cut her hair she became very angry and she recovered her forces and attacked strongly to the evil witch, and when she was near to destroy her. The witch disappeared the force's field that had trapped to the boy and dragged him toward her, and then said to the warrior that she didn't give in so easily, and then opened a black hole and transported to another dimension.

Before the hole was closed ,the princess was transported along with them, and get there, the witch took out a knife and put it in the neck's boy, the warrior said to the witch that let him out of the fight, but she did not accept it , the warrior princess caught the knife and disappeared it, so pushed the boy into a corner and the angry witch pulled a stick with a snake and suddenly it turned in giant and its eyes became red and its skin black, and when the princess did not know what to do, the sky came a very bright light that fell into the water, and suddenly of the water came out a giant blue dragon, and together with the snake began to attack each other, and at the end of the battle between the dragon and the serpent, the dragon killed the snake and disappeared, so the witch was furious and sent a ray to the warrior, so when the Warrior Princess fell down, the Witch laughed and finished the battle, But then, the goddess gave some of her powers to the warrior and she created a great fountain of energy that threw to the wicked witch cruella, causing that she disappeared completely, so the malignant force fields disappeared too and the goddess was just free, the warrior returned to the normal state and helped to the boy to get up, the goddess thanked to Elizabeth by defeating to the witch and She said that because her the evil wouldn't reign and the peace of the universe would back for something more than an only power, the love, which is the stronger feeling that someone could have in the lifetime, and the goddess returned them to Earth and destroy witch's dimension.

A few days later, the princess found with David, and They stayed looking at each other, and kissed unintentional and he said , he did not hold it anymore, that he was fallen in love of her, so he knelt and asked her to marry with him, she was very shy and she said all bad things that could happen to him if he married with her, but without thinking twice he said that it did not matter for him, she was surprised for he had said, and accepted to marry with him, and a few weeks later, they married and lived happily forever, but they never forgot that they had to protect the universe....

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2011-10-25 09:24:31 hs
es espectacular este cuento me encanta es la historia mas bonita que e leido en ingles osea :) es super genial tkm
yailenis dijo:
2012-04-13 22:44:32 hs
Es jenial es el cuento mas xido q eh leido en ingles osea estubo del 1 tkm 100x100 barcelona
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