Krypto “Betta Daze” Music Video Bringing People Together!

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Fecha: 12/02/2014 11:57:08
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Since the release of "Betta Daze" Krypto the Cali rapper has-been drumming up a buzz. It was a highly anticipated music video That would only compliment and do justice to the reality on the lyrical content single.Based of the song, it would take actual talent to capture a great storyline in a music video.

As anticipated, Krypto released the official music video for "Batta Daze" andthe storyline is amazing. It shows Individuals from different walks of life like facing Struggles Their Heads keeping up and holding the faith. If themusic video had to be Described by one word, it would be "Real". Krypto's performance, Presence, & delivery came across great! As much as the track elaborates on the rapper's perseverance, Youtube link of Krypto's "Betta Daze" Official Music Video showcases the music video Krypto's raw talent.

After this music video, Krypto'sfanbase will definitely expand. The single is getting a lot of love and support from the social media as Radio Following stations are picking it up. The music video is expected to be featured on various Hip Hop blog and video websites shortly. Without further a due, here's the: Krypto Betta Daze for more information

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