Shopping Guide for Business Telephone Systems

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Business Telephone Systems Offer Many Advantages

Businesses that have at least 10 employees should consider installing business telephone systems. You should also install a telephone system if you run a relatively large store. Most businesses will install a handset for each employee. To determine what type of phone system your business need, you need to assess your business situation by taking into account several factors such as the number of employees, number of extension lines, voicemail, and etc.

Different Features Included in Telephone Systems

You must ask yourself what features you will need when your employees attend to the customers' phone calls. Most phone systems include the auto attendant feature. The auto attendant feature will automatically answer the phone when there is an incoming call. It will present several computerized options for the callers. Auto attendant feature gives your business a good image. Conferencing feature is suitable for businesses that hold lots of phone conferences. Call hunt feature automatically forward the call to the next available representative so that the customers don't have to wait for a long time on the phone. You can discuss with the representative to find out the phone features that best meet your business needs. Most vendors will offer several packages so you should take a look at the feature of each package before making decision.

PBX, virtual PBX, and VoIP Telephone Systems

There are plenty options of small business telephone systems you can choose from including PBX, virtual PBX, and VoIP system. PBX system is ideal for medium size businesses. PBX telephone system can route calls to external lines. If you want your phone system to have good auto attendant feature, you should opt for the PBX system. Virtual PBX system is cheaper than the standard PBX system. The average cost of a virtual PBX system is $10 - $30 per month. VoIP system can save you money because it requires much less equipments. VoIP systems that use open source technology can offer better performance. Many small businesses also use VoIP telephone systems. If you are using VoIP system, make sure that you have enough internet bandwidth. You also need to purchase other equipments to improve the quality of the VoIP phone calls.

Additional Costs of Installing Telephone Systems

You must take into account the additional costs such as business growth and over the wire. You should buy an expandable telephone system so that you can add more lines when reach the limit. It is recommended that you get twice the amount of wiring than what you need as this helps you to save money.

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