Free Tips and Advices on Business Telephone Systems

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Find a Telephone System that Handles All Incoming Calls Efficiently

Business telephone system ensures that customers can communicate their needs efficiently. The most important thing is that the telephone system can handle all incoming calls efficiently. A good phone system must be able to route the customers to the right representative without causing any error.

Basic Features that Most Telephone Systems Have

The first thing you need to consider is the features you want the phone system to have. Basic features include auto attendant, conferencing, automate directory, call hold, calls forwarding and voice mail. Auto attendant feature presents a list of options for the caller to route the call to the right extension. Conferencing feature enables multiple callers to have conversations on the phone. Automated directory lets the caller find a particular office extension number by entering the employee's name. Voice mail allows callers to leave their messages when no one is available to pick up the phone. Call hold lets you hold the phone call. Call forwarding lets you forward the call to another employee that is in a different extension. The salesperson can help you to determine features that are best for your office phone system.

Costs of Installing the Telephone Systems

Installation cost of the business telephone systems can be expensive. A business phone system does not just consist of handsets. You also have to buy other equipments in order for the entire office telephone system to operate efficiently. The average cost of a high quality handset is $90. There are various types of small business telephone systems including KSU-less, KSU and PBX systems. IP handsets designed for business offices that use VoIP system cost about $80 - $150 per handset. The average cost of telephone system installation for small businesses is about $300 each user. For larger business, the average installation cost is $600 each user. The cost of the phone system should be within your budget.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Provider

When choosing a provider, you must determine whether the package includes cabling, hardware, maintenance, customer support, and training. The business telephone systems provider must be well established and has good reputation. You should shop around 4 - 5 providers and compare their packages after determining the type of telephone system you want to buy. Many vendors will provide demos to demonstrate to the customers how their business telephone systems work. It is important that you test drive the features of the telephone system before buying. In addition, you should discuss with the vendor about the maintenance of the phone system. Your phone system can encounter issue at anytime so it is necessary that the vendor provide maintenance services.

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