Visit Nicaragua and see natural wonders like the Volcan Cosiguina Nicaragua

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Nicabreeze is a company that takes you to enjoy the natural beauty that exists in the volcano Cosiguina. First of its flora consisting of precious wood trees such as kapok, Genízaro. Guanacaste, laurel, oak etc. animals like the armadillo, iguanas, deer, parrots, etc. etc. From the volcano you can see the Gulf of Fonseca the huge volcanic rocks thrown by the giant during its violent eruption in 1835 located in the gulf dividing the oceanic waters between Nicaragua and Salvador Honduras.Tambien being in the crater of the volcano see the wonderful natural spectacle of the lagoon within which we are able to go to the lake. Nicabreeze also takes you to visit and see the huge volcanic rocks above in which way simultaneously taking advantage of the itinerary for the famous corvina fish, lobsters that these stones serve as natural habitat. During the maritime route you will see the majestic view of the volcano from the Gulf also appreciate that conforms farallon as separation of the volcanic area and marine area with a height between 100 and 150 meters high. Since the boat will delight watching the breaking waves on the beach. Nicabreeze offers transportation to and from the airport to hotel accommodations in potosi port on the Gulf. It also provides catering in which they dominated the sea menu..

It also offers a varied food menu with typical local food seafood as corvina, snapper, shrimp, lobster as well as a la carte menu also includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts national. We also offer a refreshing dip in the natural hot springs from the bowels of the volcano. For more information visit our website. www.nicabreeze, c

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